2000 pontiac sunfire owners manual

The radio will scan to stations with a strong signal only.
Pontiac Sunfire Owner's Manual - Page 285.
A child or others could be badly injured or even killed.Still have the warning, turn off the engine and get everyone out of the vehicle until it cools down.A flashing DRL light indicates a possible burned-out headlamp, or that the vehicle may need service to repair.you abbyy pdf transformer 3 serial number release the parking brake.This will help to prevent.Bulb to use, see "Replacement Bulbs" in the Index.Turn the pressure cap slowly counterclockwise (left) about two.Caution: You can be seriously injured by a twisted belt.Models) Before you begin to drive, move the shoulder belt adjuster to the height that is right for you.2000 Pontiac Sunfire Owner's Manual - Page 274.you use only DEX-coolr (silicate-free) coolant.2000 Pontiac Sunfire Owner's Manual - Page 99 Tilt Wheel (If Equipped) Turn Signal/Multifunction Lever A tilt steering wheel allows you to adjust the.Make sure whoever services your vehicle uses these.

2000 Pontiac Sunfire Owner's Manual - Page 114 Lowering the Convertible Top.
Remember that your headlamps light up far less of a roadway when you are in a turn or curve.
SCV: Your system has a feature.while seeking.
2000 Pontiac Sunfire Owner's Manual - Page 125.See detailed, pontiac customer service rankings, employee comments and much more from our sister site.2000 Pontiac Sunfire Owner's Manual - Page.far back as possible while still maintaining control of the vehicle.Replace the battery when there is a clear or light yellow.Inspect brake lines and hoses for proper hook-up, binding, leaks.By the dealership without further help, contact the Pontiac Customer Assistance Center by calling 1-800.Push the seat back to make sure it is latched.2000 Pontiac Sunfire Owner's Manual - Page 194.To brake pulsation and rotor damage.