2002 dodge grand caravan shop manual

A604 / A606, the transmissions above are 4 speed front wheel drive automatics that are all computer controlled.
The van was instantly fixed wahhooo!
I replaced it anyway (20).
Once while speeding up on the highway my RPMs went whack but the speed was increasing fine (no trans slip) and it was very brief and not reacurring so I was confused.
Dodge transmission is the only problem the ship patch of idm 6.11 and you resolved.Took it for a test drive and drove about 30 miles and had no problems so far.That makes me a bit nervous but it shifts like silk, no Check Engine light electric circuits nilsson 8th solution manual pdf and the speedo works again.No - the check engine light never came.Then I put it in drive, still fine.Another thing was that in one of the input/ or output speed sensors there were also metal particles sorounding.Any imput is greatly appreciated, i am a mom of 4 and a full time student, thank you for your time.Should I disconnect the negative battery terminal before starting the procedure?Dart, charger, challenger, journey, grand caravan, durango, viper.My van does not have any high gears and I was told that there is five problems wrong with my transmission.I asked my mechanic to look at the leaks!It was running fine till today with the 'Servise Engine Soon' Light.

March 03, 2011 Big E said: Hello Jovial, my 98 Grand caravan suddendly makes only 10mph, reverse dont work.
I had this for about two months.
Did notice before issue that the cruise had issues setting at speeds.December 30, 2011 Dan said: I have a 2000 Chrysler grand voyager.When i do the "key dance i only get "P1684" which from what i understand simply means that the battery has been disconnected within the last 50 start cycles.March 14, 2012 Lynn said: xquisit41: Your problem sounds like it might be the MAP sensor.If the VSS is failing it will not always set a code in the computer.I hope it stalls out on him like it did with.July 04, 2010 David Ballentine said: fault po700,tcm fault po750 lr solenoid circuit.