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3ds Max Composite, enhance rendered passes and vsoer ultimate full patch incorporate them into live action footage with 3ds Max Composite: a fully-featured, high-performance, HDR-capable compositor, based on technology from Autodesk Toxik software.
Rendering in buckets of any size and order to lower memory usage and allow for better integration with ray tracers like finalRender and VRay.
Both manual handling northern ireland Ornatrix and hairfx are production-proven hair creation and simulation tools for 3ds Max and they provide users with a multitude of advanced tools for creating realistic hair and fur, and simulating its movement.
Advanced anti-aliasing engines for clean renders.
With its approachable, flexible toolset, animators can use default settings in CAT to help achieve high-quality results in less timeor completely customize rigs to include arbitrary morphology, embedded custom behaviors, and procedural controllers for more demanding character set-ups.More easily create and manage characters, and layer, load, save, remap, and mirror animations with the Character Animation Toolkit (CAT).No problem, just apply spacewarps like gravity as well as complex specular hair shaders to achieve the look youre after.Multiple hair specific materials allow for a full control over the final look of your hair.Mental ray.7.5x rendering technology offers : Physically accurate lighting for photorealistic rendering of images.A distributed rendering solution that works independently of certain Autodesk 3D software through a command-line interface.Mental ray Standalone 3D rendering software is a high-performance ray-trace render engine for generating imagery ranging from stylised to photorealistic.Slate Material Editor, easily visualize and edit material component relationships with Slate, a new node-based material editor that helps significantly improve workflow and productivity for artists creating and editing complex material networks.Play DVD BOYs, play DVD BOYs *m* Files m/list/536459/7e7cd29, play DVD BOYs *m* Files m/f/81884f97cee6b4e2/.Unique channel-based system allows for total control over visual properties of hair and fur including Vertex Color manipulation for real-time changes.Multiple dynamics engines (including Aegia PhysX) allow for complex motion to be created quickly for hair.

Cloth Mesh converter provides support for built-in cloth and SimCloth3 dynamics.
Modeling and Texturing Enhancements, accelerate modeling and texturing tasks with new tools that extend the Graphite modeling and Viewport Canvas toolsets: a revised toolset for 3D painting and editing textures within the viewport; the ability to paint with object brushes to create geometry within.
Ribbon Customization, maximize the usable workspace and focus on the features that matter most for specialized workflows with customizable Ribbon layouts.
Develop and refine scenes in a high-fidelity interactive display environmentwithout the constant of sound effects software need to re-render with the new ability to view most 3ds Max texture maps and materials in the viewport.Now fully integrated into 3ds Max, CAT provides an out-of-the-box advanced rigging and animation system.Atmospheric render controls allow users to balance render speed with quality output of their hair and fur creations.This new multi-threaded rendering engine utilizes both the CPU and the GPU, and supports alpha and z-buffer render elements; depth-of-field; motion blur; dynamic reflections; area, photometric, ambient occlusion, and indirect lighting effects along with precision adaptive shadow maps; and the ability to render at larger-than-screen.Random Distribution curve controls allow the user to define the exact distribution of a parameter over its range.Quicksilver Hardware Renderer, create high-fidelity pre-visualizations, animatics, and games-related marketing materials in less time with Quicksilver, an innovative new hardware renderer that helps produce high-quality images at incredible speeds.Full mental ray support, improved Surface Distribution dialogs allow new ways to derive parameters from the emitter surfaces.