94 chevy 2500 manual transmission

Ive had older Chevy trucks with manual and cruise combo but cant remember how it y insight will be appreciated.
Type/Year, input Spline, input Groove.
This is indicated by not being able to start the engine unless bh08 bluetooth headset manual the clutch pedal is depressed.
Input Gear, tooth Count, cluster Gear, tooth Count.Sign UP NOW 2016 Sparky's Answers.Muncie (left saginaw (center borg Warner (right to quickly finger what you have, notice in the above picture: The muncie reverse lever is in the extention housing, and the cover has 7 bolts.The M-21 has a higher pitch angle on its gear teeth.The best way to ID the transmission is to count teeth.The clutch switch should already be installed in your truck.Again on the muncie, and looking at the cover, 3rd/4th gear lever is on the left.

The M-22 was generally installed behind severely powerful (high torque) big-block engines.
The M-20 wide ratio, the M-21 close ratio, and the "Extra heavy duty close ratio" M-22, also known as the "Rock Crusher".
The Saginaw reverse shift lever is on the cover, and the cover has 7 bolts.
The additional letter codes as follows: Muncie 3 speed Manual Muncie 4 speed manual transmissions Suffix 1st gear ratio.03:1.42:1 Suffix 1st gear ratio.52:1 wide range.20:1 close range.20:1 Rock Crusher Of course like engines, transmissions come.3.55 geared and higher (numerically lower) cars used the wide ratio gearbox.The close ratio gearboxs generally came with.73 gear ratio'ed perkins 804c-33t engine manual cars.Just read about a kit for game risk for pc adding cruise control, very interesting.The M-22 has "straight cut" gears.The M-22 is distinguished from an M-21 by the angle of the gear teeth.1st/2nd gear lever is on the right.Further Muncie identification 3 Muncie 4 speeds were offered.