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On the other hand, Martin noted the challenge to avoid a situation like the finale of Lost, which left fans disappointed by deviating from their own theories and desires.
34 The book would pick up the story immediately after the third book, and Martin scrapped the idea of a five-year gap.
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I did the same thing.35 He will see if his audience follows him after publishing his next project.56 Martin is confident to have published the remaining books before the TV series overtakes him, 19 although he told manual for sharp ford focus 2012 major plot points to the two main Game of Thrones producers in case he should die.Martin Spills the Secrets of A Dance with Dragons ".

Though her story is separated from the others by many thousands of miles, her stated goal is to reclaim the Iron Throne.
(Interview approved by grrm.). Hibberd, pumpkin patch and lundsford James (July 12, 2011).
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27 Released for pre-release publicity, a sample novella called Blood of the Dragon went on to win the 1997 Hugo Award for Best Novella.
22 Shortly afterwards, while still writing the novel, he felt the series needed to be four and eventually six books, imagined as two linked trilogies of one long story.Martin's trophy case is already stuffed with major prizes, including Hugos, Nebulas, Locus Awards and a Bram Stoker.15 Martin attributed the delay mainly to his untangling "the Meereenese knot which the interviewer understood as "making the chronology and characters mesh up as various threads converged on Daenerys".22 With his goal to tell the story from beginning to end, he will not truncate the story to fit into an arbitrary number of volumes.During the dynastic struggle, the rival claimants are deposed and succeeded by the son ( Aegon III Targaryen and Henry II of England respectively) of the original designated heir.Fans were able to get their first taste.As the series progresses, the three story lines become increasingly interwoven and dependent upon each other.Westeros, a large, South American-sized continent with an ancient history stretching back some twelve thousand years.Since the events in Dorne and the Iron Islands were to have an impact on the book, Martin eventually expanded the kingsmoot events to be told from three new viewpoints since the existing POV characters were not present in Dorne and the Iron Islands.