asp net membership manual login

The PasswordRecovery control allows user passwords to be retrieved based on the e-mail address that was used when the account was created.
The user must minecraft pokemon mod 1.2 3 for mac first supply the original password and then create and confirm the new audacity 1.3 6 software password.
The database can be created in the following ways: You can use the Web Site Administration Tool to configure membership and roles manually, which automatically creates the database.For information about membership configuration options that can be specified in the nfig file for your T application, see.If a user has not been authenticated, the control prompts the user for a login name.You then configure the folder to deny access to anonymous users (users who are not logged in) and to grant access to authenticated (logged-in) users.Login (membership) information is stored in a database.The control also includes support for sending an e-mail message about the new password.You can do this in a variety of ways.Px, displays a message that indicates that the password was changed successfully.For information about how to manually put together these T controls to create an application that authenticates users, see.Note Password information sent in an e-mail message is sent as clear text.Edit 2 and solution: Ok I finally worked it out thanks to all the comments.Here is what I did, it's simpler than what I expected : Page that checks login state: protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) if (!Authenticated) px Log out: protected void LoginStatus1_Logout(object sender, LoginCancelEventArgs e) gnOut px nfig: authentication mode"Forms" / login: protected void Login1_Authenticate(object sender.

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The CreateUserWizard control gathers the following user information: User name Password Confirmation of password E-mail address Security question Security answer This information is used to authenticate users and recover user passwords, if necessary.
The LoginStatus control displays a login link for users who are not authenticated and a logout link for users who are authenticated.
By default, the CreateUserWizard control adds the new user to the T membership system.
The ChangePassword control works with authenticated and non-authenticated users.The LoginView control also includes events for ViewChanging and ViewChanged, which allow you to write handlers for when the user logs in and changes status.Px, enables logged-in users to change their password.Windows Live ID authentication).The control displays one of two templates: the AnonymousTemplate or the LoggedInTemplate.If you do, the PasswordRecovery control asks the question and checks the answer before recovering the password.By default, the T login controls work in plain text over http.