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I believe some of it's later development took place under the NSF grant "Linear Algebra Algorithms and Tools for Emerging Computing Environments and User Communities Grant Number ACI-9813362.
Atlas uses a relaxed 1-D line search, where the relaxed' comes from the fact that interacting transforms are usually handled by restricted 2/3-D searches.
Therefore, I may actually agree that a particular way of doing things is sub-optimal, but if it is well-tested to work on the enormous number of platforms atlas runs under, I will often decide to leave it alone, in order to concentrate on more important.
Stable and developer releases are also spb shell full version distinguished by their version numbers, as explained here.
So, I have added this discourse to the FAQ in the hopes of stimulating users to consider the tone of their messages to me, but also to open source projects in general.In this case, the gemm speedup is illusory, but the application and small-case gemm slowdown (discussed below) is quite real.Atlas CVS commits list browse High volume traffic list, with a message for each CVS commit.It should be completely safe to call any atlas routine from a threaded code.To maximize your chance of swaying us, you'll want to include what percentage of your application time is spent in the particular operation, etc.These contributers (in alphabetic order and a rough sketch of what they have done, are: Doug Aberdeen His work on emmerald (an SSE-enabled sgemm and help on atlas developer mailing list, was the starting point for a lot of people working on SSE-enabled kernels.

There are no global variables, or other shared information between routines.
EPS-1003897, with additional support from the Looisiana Board of Regents.
Nm atlas, atlas nm l'Atlas the Atlas Mountains, translation French - English Collins Dictionary atlas.The only way to be sure you have the most up-to-date list is to examine the source in It is pretty much a foregone conclusion that any documentation, this page included, will eventually become out of date.I got enough of it working to convince Jack (Dongarra, of lapack and blas fame) to give the development go-ahead on my own time.What mailing lists, archives, and so on does atlas have?If you still have the directory where you built atlas around, you can find this version information w/o writing the above routine by: cd BLDdir/bin make xprint_buildinfo./xprint_buildinfo What's the difference between stable and developer atlas releases?Clint Whaley and Antoine Petitet and Jack.How the Grinch Stole Christmas quomodo Invidiosulus nomine Grinchus Christi natalem Abrogaverit ) and, the Cat in the Hat cattus Petasatus as well as Shel Silversteins.This is the main reason that atlas is reluctant to use large.Nicholas Coult Initial version of AltiVec-enabled sgemm.In particular, if you don't log in, you won't be able to later attach extra files, etc (you can attach a file in your initial report, but afterwords, it is unsure you are the original poster, so it won't allow it).