at&t model 1070 user manual

Congratulations on purchasing your new AT T product.
Once you have attached the Line 1 telephone line and AC power to the set and the wall outlets, the set automatically assigns the next available extension number, and shows it in the second line of the display.
Connect the handset cord.
In Canada, dial 1 (866) 288-4268.
3 4-line small business system Model, Location Serial number, Purchase date and place (circle one) (found on the bottom of the telephone base).If you have four hp webcam firmware xp phone lines, you will need two two-line adapters for each phone.The wep crack in windows 7 form on the next page helps you to inventory your new sets.Telephone service providers typically supply them for free to self installers.You can connect fax machines or other non-system devices to auxl3 or auxl4 on the back of the telephone (also called data ports so they can access line 3.

Install this splitter (also known as the network interface device or NID) near where the telephone lines enter the building.
Planning your system Continued from previous page All extensions that share the same line should share the same line group number (4-15).
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A: Two 2-line wall jacks Line 4 Line 3 Line 2 Line 1 Electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch Power adapter B: Four one-line wall jacks with two 2-line adapters.
Table/desktop installation note: If one or more of your telephone lines is using DSL service, see Important information for DSL users, pages 6-8.Before using this AT T product, please read the Important product information in your Users manual.Connect the power adapter to the telephone.If so, add either DSL splitters and/or xbox 360 firmware software microfilters to your installation.Line 4 Line 3 Line 2 Line 1 Two-line adapter Electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch Power adapter In this installation, four-conductor telephone line cord (RJ 14).If you are using the DSL line for line 1, or if you have more than three telephones, or if you have an alarm system, you probably need a DSL splitter.For customer service or product information, visit our website at m or call 1 (800) 222-3111.Although some splitters can be installed by end users, most DSL splitters are installed by the telephone company.Connect the two long telephone line cords to the telephone.Do you receive DSL (digital subscriber line) service for high- speed Internet access through your telephone line(s) from your telephone company?