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By default, the tarball (and the top-level directory within the tarball) has the same name as the repository, but this can be overridden with the -dist-name option.
That means that it keeps track of various revisions and branches of your project, allows for changes to propagate from one branch to another.
The default is -human-readable.
Darcs show contents Show contents can be used to display an earlier version of some file(s).
The darcs optimize -uncompress' and darcs optimize -compress' commands can be used to ensure existing patches in the current repository are respectively uncompressed or compressed.Usage: darcs optimize option.Or if you use -no-deps you won't be asked about patches that can't be unrecorded due to depending patches.Given one argument, it treats it as a test command.

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This environment variable is silently ignored if Darcs was not built with libcurl.
It is currently very inefficient, so when creating local copies you should use darcs get.
The test suite can be a reason to use send rather than push, since it allows to easily continue working (or put one's computer to sleep) while the tests are being run on the main server.Such configuration only applies when working with that repository.Now that we have created our repository, make a change to one or more of your files.Similarly, trying to replace a high-bit' character from a unibyte encoding will also result in replacement of the same byte in files with different encodings.#Subscribe to an opml Select the opml as Feed tab in the Add Feeds panel.Button will direct you to this User Guide.The range (from and to) forms select patches after or up to (both inclusive) the last matching patch.Darcs annotate -summary -match 'date "between and last week darcs annotate -summary -match 'date "after 2005 darcs annotate -summary -match 'date "in the last 3 weeks darcs annotate -summary -match 'date "P3M darcs annotate -summary -match 'date darcs annotate -summary -match 'date "P2M6D You may.Do not run amend-record in repository that other developers can pull from, because if they pull while an amend-record is in progress, their repository may be corrupted.It is also used when the -look-for-adds flag is given to whatsnew handbook of microbiological media, fourth edition ronald m. atlas.pdf or record.