automated sun patch script

For longtime Chef users, this parts probably the most straightforward.
Features: Generates a fully functional Armor mod using user input parameters and a folder of NetImmerse model files.
Names can be saved to records, viewed in the message log, or exported to a csv.
# Checking for setuid/setgid programs.
Supports 6 armor pieces: Helmet, Cuirass, Gauntlets, Boots, Shield, and Cloak.Starting script "request" with parameter Press any key to start installation, C to cancel: Enter installation directory (Press Return key for usr/local # Executing checkinstall script.Sql 0644 root other i want to build a keygen f sql SCPdemo/sql/drop.Such a installation script can be executed after package installation by any suitable user.

Ctl 0644 root other d none SCPdemo/doc 0755 root other f none SCPdemo/doc/demo_c 0644 root other d sql SCPdemo/plsql 0755 root other d sql SCPdemo/sql 0755 root other f sql SCPdemo/sql/create.
As package directory pass the absolute path to the static package files.
The rest of our stages Unit, Security, etc have been skipped in the projects config.
Y Installing Sample package for akadia demo installation as SCPdemo # Installing part 1.
Of course, you may build shell scripts which do compilation steps for you prior building a package.You can directly install it on the same machine you created.It also includes some mock data bag information and inspec rules so that right out of the gate running kitchen test should produce output similar to the following: So far, so good!Its the data bag the cookbook is consuming.Packaging deals with installation activities on the target system like copying files, changing permissions or executing specific installation tasks.