can i remy ps3 games on ps4

Those who purchased a digital game on the PS3 need to purchase it again to play it on the PS4.
If they own a PS3 copy of certain games, they can pay a small fee that allows them to download the PS4 version.
We explain the backwards compatibility of Sony's next-gen games console.You can then compare prices and find the seller and item that are the right fit for you.This is true even when one factors in the critical and popular consoles that preceded it, including the.Most methods cost additional money.

What PS3 games will I be able to play?
When will this happen?
So you've got a, pS4 and wondering whether you avg latest update file can play old PS3 games on your shiny new console.A PS3 disc inserted into the PS4 does not play at all.A list of titles hasn't been published yet.The service will be initially available on PS4 with PS Vita and Bravia TVs to follow.Can you play PS3 games on the PS4?Emulator games for the PS4 come from the Gaikai system, available with the PS4.The games on the newer console typically have better graphics.