canon sd400 user guide

Movie Mode : Records short movie clips with sound, at either 640 x 480, or 320 x 240 pixels.
Additionally, the Setup and My Camera menus are always available, regardless of the camera mode.
In Playback mode, a histogram display reports the tonal distribution of a captured image, useful in determining any over- or under-exposure.
Start-Up Image : Sets the startup image when you turn on the camera to: Black screen, Canon logo, Canon logo with sunset, and nature scene.
Not sure which camera to buy?My Colors Options : (Replaces the Photo Effect option when My Colors mode is enabled.) Sets the My Colors mode to Positive Film, Lighter Skin Tones, Darker Skin Tones, Vivid Blue, Vivid Green, Vivid Red, Color Accent, Color Swap, or Custom Color.Display Button : Lower left of the Four-way nav, this button cycles through the LCD image and information displays and in Record mode includes an LCD Off state for power saving when desired.A lot of "lost" images can be recovered with an inexpensive, easy to use piece of software though.Review : Turns the instant review function on or off, sets the amount of time that the captured image is displayed on the screen from two to 10 seconds, or allows a "Hold" mode where the image remains on the screen until the shutter button.The image data is not actually rotated; the camera actually sets a tag in the exif header, hence your software must recognize this tag to be able to recognize the orientation set in-camera.The camera's telescoping lens sound forge audio studio 10.0 manual pdf moves into place quickly, projecting an inch from the front of the camera when powered on, and retracts fully within the camera when switched off to maintain a flat profile.(These days, MB is a good tradeoff between cost and capacity.) Additional NB-4L lithium-ion battery pack.

A software CD accompanies the camera provide the necessary drivers and editing software, both compatible with Windows and Macintosh platforms.
Canon offers a selection of direct-connect printers as well, which simplifies printing even more.
The optional AC adapter kit is useful for preserving battery power when reviewing and downloading images, and actually uses a "dummy" battery that inserts into the camera's battery compartment.
After the timer expires, the camera will capture springfield xdm 9mm compact owners manual the number of photos requested with an interval of approximately one second between photos, and the flash does recharge quickly enough to capture 10 photos in a row with flash.External Controls Shutter Button : Located on the top panel, this button sets focus and exposure when halfway pressed and fires the shutter when fully pressed.Record Mode Display : In any record mode, the LCD display shows either the image area with no information, the image with a limited information display, or no display at all.It properly exposed shots down to the 1/16 foot-candle limit of my tests (about 1/16 as bright as typical city night scenes).If the Self-Timer is activated, a full press of the Shutter button triggers the countdown.If the camera is set to capture multiple shots, these are captured with an interval of about one second between shots, enough time for the flash to recharge if required.The handful of preset scene modes tweak exposure variables to accommodate common photographic situations.