chess for pocket pc

Critter took the fourth place on Computer Chess rating list from the 5th of May 2012.
You may either play against hercules and xena episodes together the program or against an human opponent.
Echess - with the same name as the former one and which also seems to be easy to handle.
According to the product information "it offers trouble-free play over the poorest of connections, integrates with ICQ, and supports standard PGN FEN notations".The page contains an exhaustive description of Dark Thought, tournament results and so forth.Marquis is a small, simple chess program, especially intended for blitz play and beginners.(Chess software/Clients) WinBoard, Chessvision ( see Multiple chess platforms ) and ChessPartner (see Chess programs ) can also be used to connect to chess servers like ICC, fics and.Onno, that was released in May 2009, is a very ge owner manuals vcr strong, professional chess engine, that also can be used to analyse chess games.

Matt-Trainer - a free program for training mate problems.
The shareware version plays only on novice level.
Nimzo, which is developed by Christian Donninger, is also a very strong program belonging to the ten best programs in the world.
WinBoard Setup Page deals with how to install chess engines in WinBoard.Robert Hyatt, associate professor at University of Alabama, Craftys creator, continues to develop this chess engine.There is a light version for download.JavaChess - a webbased program, that functions as a playing program as well as a game viewer.Little ChessPartner.08 - you can play against this program, a predecessor of ChessPartner, on Free Blubbie Chess Server.The program is very small (62 Kb) but yet fast no lag, even with games of 200 moves or more.Nalimov win7 portable usb tool срєрсрсс Tablebase Server is an interactive webbased tablebase server, and has been produced by Lokasoft, which also manufactures ChessPartner.Jester is a webbased Java chess program.