cold case new episodes 2014

This portrait of a ruthless murderer includes tapes of his chilling confessions.
And in California, police track down two boys who enjoy satanic rituals and setting fires.
The accidental discovery of a human scalp leads to the software crack serial number keygen conviction of a man for murder 18 years after the killing.
And a teenager who likes to kidnap younger boys and break their bones, kills one and tortures another.
Police investigate a Texas man whose three wives all died in mysterious fashions.E 18, portrait Of A Killer/The Tortured Truth.E 16, killer in the County, the killer of four women goes free until cold case detective John Little is brought in and finds key evidence on a coffee cup.Alligators feasting on a human corpse help police to crack a murder investigation.The discovery of a child's skeleton in a Chicago garden puts police on the trail of an oddball family.E 20, the Missing And The Dead, when a passing motorist spots a fire along a country road in South Carolina and calls it in, police arrive to discover the badly burned and battered remains of a woman, her skull smashed in to ninety-seven fragments.E 10, diary of a Serial Arsonist / The Lost Clue.In Palm Beach, a determined cop solves the murder of prostitute Lucy Pate five years later.

In 1989, Susan Doll was found beaten, raped, and strangled.
Phoenix police discover that a preacher is the culprit in a 20-year-old murder.
Louis goes unsolved for many years until a fluke audit of a license plate number leads police to the culprit.
Police solve a murder when divers find a skeleton in a car at the bottom of a river.
A highly-regarded California arson investigator is suspected of setting a series of fires, and a man is convicted of raping and murdering his 68-year-old neighbor and stealing her Coke bottle and rare coin collections.A group of law enforcement professionals, who volunteer their expertise to crack difficult cases, find evidence that helps solve a Texas murder.E 13, justice Delayed / The Burning Secret.Stiehm, who was one of the original writers on the Showtime drama, left after Season 2 to run The Bridge with Elwood Reid.Using a hair dryer to thaw a frozen corpse, detectives get to the bottom of a grisly murder.The Missing Informant / Man's Best Friend.A sunset boat ride in Florida leads to death for a vacationing woman and her two daughters.Nov 20, 2013 9:27 AM EST.