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We had 17 hours of footage to capture.
Along with these editor releases, Avid Unity MediaNetwork.1 and Avid Unity LANshare.1 with Mac Oiger support is also available for download.
And with a Mojo, you can keep your titles and effects at the sony tv training manual highest, uncompressed quality, even when working with DV media.
Next was the real test for me capturing uncompressed from Betacam.
I give Avid Xpress Pro with Mojo Four Cows.This is a powerful editing system with a lot of capability for a lot less money than you'd expect to pay.Top notch color correction, powerful multi-cam features, the industry-standard Avid interface and integration, flexibility in both uncompressed and DV25 - a great system.This makes it very easy to cut between angles, and you wont find it in any other NLE in this price category.Even then, your system needs a second PCI bus segment.Xpress Pro would also let us mix DV and 1:1 in the same timeline and more importantly keep our titles and effects away from DV compression.The quality of the uncompressed footage I captured via Mojo compared favorably with uncompressed analog footage captured into Final Cut via my Aurora Iginiter X card.Automatic Expert Color Correction, this lets you apply AutoCorrect (i.e.With Mojo attached, the DV capture also worked flawlessly in this case the deck going into the Mojo, then the Mojo into the G4s native firewire.

Avid Marquee now included with Xpress Pro for integrated 3D and 2D titling; More information can be found at the.
After 3 days on a trade-show floor and the accompanying late-night Vegas hi-jinks, one was bound to lose their mind eventually.
The aforementioned I/O makes it possible to capture/playback analog uncompressed (4:2:2 and gives you real-time output to a client monitor.
Avid Mojo does the DV encode/decode with a hardware codec, freeing up the host CPU for other tasks like real-time FX (i.e.The Xpress Pro box comes with both Mac OS 10 and WinXP installers, and a USB dongle that can be used with either - a bonus if you use both platforms, or might migrate to one or the other in the future.But what makes the uncompressed thing even more interesting to me is that you can have uncompressed titles and FX in the same sequence as DV25 footage, and see the whole thing output on an ntsc monitor, perfectly synced with the computer monitor.GlowDarks, Mask, glowOrthicon, Mask, glowEdges, Mask, glowNoise, Mask.The video connections were straightforward, as the Avid breakout cable has BNC connectors, but as for audio I had to convert the balanced XLR output from the Betacam deck to unbalanced RCA (a bit of a pain and not quite ideal).Not all of them do once again check the specs on the Avid website to make sure that yours does.Tags: Latest News, the Digital Production BuZZ airs, lIVE Thursday from 6-7 PM Pacific Daylight Time.Upgrades are free to registered, xpress.x, Xpress Pro.x owners.