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I think I was more worried about rejection more than anything else.
I mean, such manners!
Then we went back to where we were sitting, and sat down, and began to neck.
My fuckhole was open wide, with globs of cum draining out, getting caught up in the hair of my beaver.My lover in my pussy reached down and lifted my left leg up, causing me to roll onto my right side.And as they ate, I asked questions.I giggled, saying "Come on, boys, relieve those bladders!" They started laughing, and soon Luke, followed by Jason, were letting out a torrent of used beer.I mean, it's not your house, and you and Luke are my guests." He swallowed a mouthful of cereal, and then said as he waved his spoon in the air, "No,.Even the armrest was covered, puddle in fact, with my cum.Monday morning started with a northwest breeze, meaning a cool, cloudy day, and eventually showers.

Use them for my own pleasure, and send them on home to wherever they come from, back to their momma's.
In no time, I received a copious amount of cum in my mouth, first from Luke, then from Jason, and I easily swallowed it all.
Okay, not a bit.
It seems my now ex-husband, a big shot lawyer in Buffalo, decided that he wanted a trophy wife.
He chuckled, "Well, it seems their friends caused a ruckus at the tavern in Dorset at lunch time, they've been escorted out of the county." Both heard this, and Luke said "Say what?Yes, I was wanting them both.A man stopped, and helped me pick them.He was on his knees behind me, rubbing the lubricant into my little brown hole, while Jason pulled the cheeks of my ass wide.After all, here I am, a middle-aged white lady, showering off the dirt from two very young black males, that used me for their pleasure.My groan was muffled by Jasons fat cock, as Luke's pecker started to work it's way into my hot, and very wet cunt.