crack windshield prevent crack from growing

I was told that it formed a molecular bond with list of internet softwares my windshield. .
They thought that it is just a minor annoyance and does not warrant immediate attention.
Even something as simple as pushing on the chip from the inside can cause it to crack.
Price, pros, cons.69 Strong adhesive, easy to use Does not completely fill in cracks and chips, temporary fix Permatex Windshield Repair Kit This repair kit makes permanent airtight repairs on damaged laminated glass windshields.
The product would shed water so well it would just slide off. .The entire process takes about thirty minutes from start to finish, and the customer is left with a windshield that looks and performs as good as new.You can find a windshield repair kit from just about any auto store or most other department stores, and Amazon.Ordinary window glass, like you have around the house, is pretty amazing stuff.

The dealer told me no, however I did receive a spay bottle in the mail from Diamon-Fusion shortly after purchasing the vehicle stating that if the effect was wearing off I could renew it by applying this spay.
While the ingenious clip-and-slot and vent business relieves you of the necessity of constantly grasping the syringe barrel like it's the last beer at the picnic, there are caveats.
Ask the advice of an expert in windshield repair.
The resin dries clear and blends with the windshield glass.Many drivers disregard the danger of a cracked windshield.Grasp the syringe body with one hand to stabilize it, and pull the handle of the syringe out as far as it will.These granules are still sharp, but should do less damage than the long shards of untempered glass.Tough on a rainy or wintery day, so you may need to park your car indoors for a while to equilibrate.