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So these are diseases predominantly of nutritional extravagance and nutritional stupidity.
An estimated 80 of annual world deforestation is related to animal agriculture.
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The iron content of blackstrap molasses is exceptionally high, making it an important source for this mineral.
Andre Bauer is in Cuba this week for talks on getting Cuba to buy South Carolina agricultural products.
The best way for us to personally protect the animals, our world, and our health every day is to, go Veg.
Org Meats Not Green (info, video, app, custom labels) Meet Your Meat Mechanized Madness Mercy for Animals Metamorphosis Poems to Inspire Transformation Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society Milk Gone Wild Moral Vegetarianism Mundo Vegetariano Negotiation is Over!Animals feel pain just like people.So all THE gault CD you will order from amortout are garanteed without glitching.Eating meat wastes huge amounts of water, increasingly referred to as blue gold.We have many traditions, both old and new, as individuals, families, and cultures.The meat industry is exceptionally costly, wasteful, inefficient, unfair, destructive, and regressive, while vegetarianism and veganism are environmentally and economically sustainable and socially progressive.Cites angst over Venezuela-Cuba ties Posted in Cuba Business Cuba-World Trade Miami Herald A State Department spokesman, calling Cuba an antidemocratic force, says Venezuelas manual to replace car engine mounts close ties to Fidel Castro worry Venezuelas neighbors.In the first half of 2016, the companies fell short of that goal by 40 billion, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of their numbers.Wendell Vegetarianism and Buddhism by Rev.Harold Nelson,.D., Professor of Medicine (allergy and immunology National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Denver Return to the Table of Contents.