diablo 2 lod mods 1.13

The Enter Chat Button in the t waiting room is now bound to the Enter key.
Users can now toggle the display of text over the Health and Mana globes by clicking on the bottom area of each orb.
Added new command line parameter -nofixaspect which allows users to not fix the aspect ratio to 4:3 when maximizing in windowed windows updateser 2.50 build 1002 indir mode.
Greatly reduced the explosion damage dealt by Fire Enchanted monsters.Removed Oblivion Knights Iron Maiden curse.Necromancer - Blood Golem Removed negative shared life effect (player no longer loses life when the golem takes damage).Lord of Destruction, diablo 2, diablo: Hellfire, diablo.Werebear Increased health by 25 and armor by 1 per point.Added support for -sndbkg command line switch.Harem - Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.Desert - WarCraft III.Sanctuary - Sacred.Sorceress - Firewall Synergy receives 1 damage per point of Inferno and 4 per point of Warmth.Jungle - Max Payne.The game can now be maximized to the largest 4:3 resolution supported (hooray widescreen users).

Fixed an issue where some players could kill other players while in town (tppk).
Removed the requirements to create a hardcore character.
Shockwave Synergy from Maul adds 5 damage per point.Masteries Changed critical strike chance from 0-25 to 0-35.Immolation Arrow Increased base duration.Fixed an issue where if you had two items which provided auras to a mercenary and you unequipped one, the aura from the remaining item never became active.Fixed an issue where some players could disconnect other players when they had too many active states.Barbarian - Whirlwind Reduced initial mana cost.Tristram - Elemental Gearbolt.Monastery - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.Diablo.13c Patch Notes, a new Mystery has been revealed!