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Core Skill, silver Hunter (Transformation transform into Silver Hunter, Duration 60s.
It doesnt worth spending money on getting that instead of lv90 gears.
Could be cast in air no matter you have SH transformation or not.
2Every account in each server can claim once only.
It is recommended to use lv80 weapon for that extra Dragon Jade slot.Tornado Shot and Tornado Shot Instant share.You could only jump forward or backward with this skill.Hunter Eye A buff that give you 30 INT and 30 Matk Duration 180s, CD30s Crossbow Link A buff that enhance your normal attack.Arrow Storm gta iv cheats ps3 sport cars Shoot an arrow straightly.Holy Raging Wind, 79m,.For the other skills, get max level Monkey Catch and get Hunter Eye.You dont need to try staying in air forever, so get back onto the ground when your skills are in CD and cast your instant skill or ultimate skill on ground.Become HolySpiral Bolt after SH transformation and could be cast in air.Falcon Summon Falcon Summon a falcon to fight by your side.Tornado Shot Action Speed Tornado Shot has a very long charging time, but it has i-frame when cast in air so I would not mark that as must get.

Use another skill right after the previous one to stay in air.
Buff/Supportive Skills Liberty Attack Hit the enemy in a short range in front of you, shoot an arrow and jump backward if it hits something.
And Trap Master cost 10sp, Trapper cost at least 3sp, which is too much for.All skill name are translated from the Korean version.Recommended: Arrow Storm I would recommend this because you need that light element bonus from technique rings, so you need the second one.Silver Hunter has a special page for character creation like Dark Avenger.Salute Soldier, Pendaftaran Penyisihan Online Megaxus Olimpiade 2017 untuk Counter-Strike Online.Falcon do not have elemental effect on its attack.Team Closers Indonesia akan mengadakan Maintenance Update pada tanggal Mai.Technique Asscessories / Plate Necklace Must Get: Silver Hunter Getting a Silver Hunter tech increase the INT to Matk conversion rate, so it could actually increase your DPS on all skills.