english subtitle for rasputin

Order lady whirlwind (1972) Angela Mao is one tough chick, searching out the asshole who left her sister which in turn caused her sister to commit suicide.
Another masterpiece from Robert Hossein (who gave us The Vampire of Dusseldorf).
Order william shatners mysteries OF THE gods (1977) Classic documentary hosted by brilliant asshole William Shatner exploring the theories of Dutch born Astronomer Erik Von Daniken.Ennio Morricone did the music.Gabriele Tinti has to come to blows with the psycho/possesed teen.The cast alone makes it worth.

The leave the husband for dead and abduct the wife, but it turns out that the husband isn't quite dead.
Shot on the same sets used for The Old Dark House (1932 "who did what to whom" type of penny dreadful story that was popular at the time.
Fun kung fu flick with cool fight scenes.
Fun Hollywood stuff made all the more lively by Lionel as Rasputin.The wife returns to this house of horrors under advice from her therapist (?) Then the fun starts when the dead husband returns from the grave to start tormenting his wife.With Krista Nell, a hot Austrian actress who's career was cut short in a car accident.This is the type of movie that you really need to take a shower after you watch.He murders a blackmailer and knows he was seen by one of the students doing the murder.Mad doctor robs dead wrestlers bodies for experiments in reviving the dead.A Czechoslovakian version of Beauty and the Beast, this version is more macabre and loaded with sensual imagery, hence restoring it to it's status as an adult fairy tale.When the Christians radio shack 40 watt pa amplifier manual kill off the Muslims, one son is stashed in the jungle and raised by lions.Now, this film actually has a decent cast, including Simón Andreu (Night of the Sorcerers) and Susan Taff (Hunchback of the Morgue).