exchange 2003 cdo patch

RtfBody) included an extra null terminating character.
If set to true, forces Redemption to add the ExchangeImpersonation header when making EWS calls (e.g.
Using these constants will force Redemption to always use its internal or Outlook's (IConverterSession) mime converter respectively when rdomail.Store property raised an exception ( Error in mapi_E_interface_NOT_supported ) if piobject was set to an object from another process (e.g.EntryID) Dim Messages set Selection lection Redim Messages(unt) for i 1 to unt Messages(i-1) lection(i).EntryID next ems.Set Session set Msg rrentItem, true) MsgBox veAs " c:g olMsg Added rdoencryptedMessage object (derived from rdomail ) that wraps encrypted and signed messages and provides access to the decrypted message contents as well as the encryption specific properties and methods.Import ) without an RTF body (PR_hrml only) resulted in plain text messages under the online Exchange store (cached Exchange and PST stores were fine) rdomail.See rdorules for more information.OneOffMembers returned a list with a single entry with the name equal to " This contact game untuk hp bb torch group has been edited with a newer version of Outlook and contains too many members to display ".VotingOptions property in the Outlook Object Model).PrimaryStore raised an error in Outlook 2007 or older.

New features and improvements Redemption mime converter could not import RFC2231 formatted attachments with wrapped long file names. .
OOF settings were previously implemented only through rdoexchangeMailboxStore.
Added mapiutils.ScCreateConversationIndex method - corresponds to the ScCreateConversationIndex function in mapi or to eateConversationIndex in CDO.21.
LocalName "Stack Overflow - mapi questions" 'if not set, the name will default to the remote name ve rdonickNames collection (autocomplete cache) can now be modified (add/modify/delete entries).
OutOfOfficeTextInternal " html body I am on vacation from 12/21/2001 until.RdocalendarOptions object can be accessed using the rdoexchangeMailbox.Safe*cipients collection did not properly return Unicode properties under certain conditions.OutOfOffice property would force the OOF state to be "Enabled" instead of "Scheduled" even if the State property was explicitly set.Starting with this version, mapitable object is returned.Redemption now supports Exchange 2007 without Public Folders ( standalone mapi download only).New feature: new object - rdodistListItem, derived from the rdomail object and corresponding to the IPM.