fundamentals of molecular virology acheson pdf

Anyone wishing an exception to this rule will need to see the instructor during office hours to discuss proper laptop use in the classroom. .
Materials such as pre-class quizzes, class notes, and assigned readings (other than the textbook) will be posted to the class website.
This distribution is based on student feedback from last years class.
Copying any sentence text directly from another source or student for the written paper constitutes cheating.
In order to receive consideration for course accommodations, you must contact ODS and provide documentation (see the documentation ).All PDFs are provided for you on angel.We will devote four reading assignments and four class periods to discussing the process of reading, analyzing, and summarizing a scientific paper.Grades for pre-class quizzes will also appear automatically in angel.When in need of help, students can utilize various College and University wide resources for learning assistance. .Lecture slides (pdf) will be posted at this website before each class.Fundamentals of molecular virology Acheson and Nicholas.Arslan D, Legendre M, Seltzer V, Abergel C, Claverie.This allows me to help you understand the material, and to address any difficulties that arise during the semester.If pc game ea cricket game 2009 you would like feedback on your paper summary and the opportunity to revise it for a better grade, you should turn it in by this date.Immune responses to viruses, Interferon and other cytokines, Antiviral therapy.The Pennsylvania State University forbids academic dishonesty.

Course assessments are necessarily cumulative.
This timing allows you to either complete all reading and all three quizzes on the weekend before those classes, or to work on a day-to-day basis by reading and taking each quiz on the day before class.
Because you have an opportunity to drop one exam, no makeups will be given for the first legitimate excuse.
This code embodies the values that we hope our faculty, staff, and students possess and will endorse to make ECoS a place where every individual feels respected and valued, as well as challenged and rewarded.Part 3: host response AND antiviral agents.Because the regular use of i clickers provides me with feedback on each students level of understanding of the course material, the use of anyone elses i clicker (i.e.g clicking for another person) is misleading and dishonest.Email: All email correspondences will be made to campus email addresses only. .Many of the images in our textbook were drawn by Philippe Lemercier, of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Swiss-Prot Group, University of Geneva.These include reading the assigned chapters before class, using pre-class quizzes to focus your attention on new material, attending class and taking notes on the handouts provided, participating in class with i clickers, asking questions to clarify confusing points, re-reading the assigned chapters and handouts.