game counter strike 1.6 no steam offline

At the CT spawn walk down the ramp and shoot the wall, there will be a picture of the map developers wife and child.
And get ready to face Bots zombie with knives.
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Go to Bathroom in cs_militia and look into the toilet.Go to the underground tunnel where you see a block way, keep going straight until the path ends, and look behind you.I play.6 online but would like to try offline play with bots.And there wil The VIP has been ssassinated.

Fly through behind the hostage, you will see a drunk guy.
When you get there you'll see a VIP and other CT, throw grenade, and fire them.
Defending Yourself If you're on low health or low ammo and see an enemy, throw a smoke grenade at yourself and shoot them in the head, they will not able to see you for a seconds.
Flash Grenades These grenades come in handy when you need to make a quick retreat or create a distraction.
Crouching Crouching will not only steady your weapon and give you better accuracy, it will lower your profile a little and make you a smaller target.Ok you will need to press " key and type in sv_gravity and a number between (0-8000 to be exact) for example if starting from 0 it will be the highest jumps ever but if it is 8000 then no jumping at all.Silence an usp or M4 less than 3 seconds: - Click the right button.Shoot several times at it and it will explode.Downloading is very simple: select the desired file and click "download free Counter Strike.6 apk then select one of the ways you want to get the file.Another one is in north from CT Spot.And we can help you!Download Z-bots and all you have to do is put the files in the correct place and press "H" during gameplay to adjust their settings.