games made with rpg maker xp

A possible shit-ton of grinding if you don't know what you're doing) jrpg about a high-school detective who ends eagle lander 3d crack up, well, shrunken (I assume you can read the title of the game) as he investigates a mysterious set of disappearances at a formerly all-girls high.
One of the best RPG Maker 2000 games out there.
It is heavily inspired by the Suikoden series, allowing you to recruit dozens of playable characters.
The combat definitely is NOT something to slack on, either (it *is* an old-school jrpg, after all).
Seven Mysteries The game is about groups of special students: The inquisitive, the mysterious, and the insane.Sadly, the CG artstyle isn't very consistent, and there are not a lot of battles.Seraphic Blue RPG first made in 2004, then was remade in 2006.Lots of custom content, old school 3D Blender landscapes, and a great plot.Video Card 1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode 1024x768 or better video resolution in True Color mode.They are only there to make you laugh when you are not screaming from the Ao Oni coming at the worst (but in a good way) opportune moments.You play as Elioth, an adventurer from the local Excavator's Guild whose girlfriend contracts a new and unheard of disease.Nice graphics, well done gun gameplay, great music and sounds, funny lines.

Starless Umbra In Starless Umbra, you play as Andoru in a quest to attempt to return home to save your sister after bandits raid your village.
To The Moon Great game about an old man who's dying and his last desire is to go to the moon.
This new setup allows you to apply battle animations and various graphical special effects not only to enemies, but to protagonists as well.Still, lots of people have lots of free time on their hands and someone should get the job done.Screenshots, wallpapers, system Requirements, minimum System Requirements, recommended System Requirements.You play the role of a female police officer recruit, who is trying to distance herself from her sordid past.Godly atmosphere, mostly created by the ethereal visuals and a fantastic soundtrack.Also got this close to contain nsfw scenes (spoiler alert).A Vague Story A strange game that you wouldn't believe was pulled off in an RPG Maker that's because it's made in Wolf Editor.You must explore and gather resources, one can also team up with other survivors to increase the odds in your favor.Was supposed to be divided in two parts, the latter made in Rpg Maker XP, bt no news.The battle system is very unlike the traditional RPG Maker battles, and there are also some strategy battles at certain points in the game that are very well made, if somewhat difficult to A-rank.