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Used in Sylvania model: VC-3620.
Replaces PRB part number: ST1.330.
If you don't see the mute/unmute button, you can try checking the manual that came with your.Used in JC Penney models: 686-5010/686-5012/686-5013.Used in Emerson models: VCR-800/VCR-801.Used in Aiwa Cassette Recorder models: TP-736/TP-739.Turn on the device (TV, DVR, etc.) you wish to operate.Used in Canon model: VR-HF600.Used in Mitsubishi models: HS-306UR/HS-316UR/ Used in Scott model: SVR-100.Used in Fisher models: FVH-615/FVH-715/FVH-720/ FVH-960.Used in Curtis Mathes model: HV-729/JV-729.Used in Kenwood model: KV-905.Used in Dumont model: DVT-8500R.

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(Stock vcrit3016).00 Each 5 For.00 25 For.00 Idler Tire.
Used in Craig Automotive Cassette Player models: 3511/3512/T-100/T-180/T-200.
Fits Samsung idler wheel:.
Replaces RCA part number: sktr3001.Used in Montgomery Ward models: GEN-10550/JSJ-10550/ JSJ-10551.Used in JC Penney models: 686-5000/686-5001/686-5002/ Used in JVC model: HR-7300U.Used in Samsung models: 320-J/VR-2310/VR-2500/VR-4700/ VT-226/VT-311/VT-503.Used in Sanyo Cassette Tape Deck model: RDF-70.Replaces EVG part number: 1428-101.(Stock vcrit3034).50 Each 5 For.25 25 For.00 Idler Tire.Used in Sears models: 564.53294750/564.53296750/ 564.53492850.6, manually power on the device you want programmed with your remote.