haynes manual astra mk4

This is just one of our motorway breakdown tips.
The time has now come to take the wheel off the hub its attached.
This is because the handbrake only operates on two wheels usually the rears and if you put the car in gear with the engine off, it has the effect of locking the driven wheels usually the fronts.Clear up and hit the road.Never change a wheel on the motorway.Still want to learn how to change a wheel?Check the manual, if you have your the 3d car racing games cars user manual with you, this will be a great help.Use a puncture repair kit if you have one.Ampera, Astra (starting MY 2010 Insignia (starting MY 2009 Meriva (starting MY 2011 Mokka (Radio Navi 600 only) and Zafira Tourer.So check your spare wheels pressure every time you check your other tyre pressures you should do this every couple of months, at least.

Do them up as tight as you can by hand, then use your foot to push the wheel brace even further round.
Touch R700 and Navi 900 IntelliLink: Insignia (MY14).
Changing a wheel at the side of the road isn't hard if you know how.
Even if youre confident enough to fit the spare wheel yourself, it can set your journey back and cause add ocr to pdf windows you quite a bit of extra hassle.And if you're not a member of a breakdown service, you're looking at a big bill before youve even thought about how much the new tyre youll need is going to cost.Then, find two rocks or bricks nearby, and place them in front of and behind that wheel, wedging them up against the tyre tread so that the wheel cant move in either direction.If you get a puncture, its deeply demoralising to find that your spare wheel is flat, or worse still, that its rubber is old and perished.Youll also need to check that the ground is firm and will support the weight of the car when its lifted if its on soft ground, for example mud or sand, the weight of the car could push the jack into the ground when you.On some older cars you may have to turn a bolt in the boot floor, again located below the carpet which will release a spare wheel holder from beneath the car.It only takes a split second for a dozing driver to wipe you out, so always use an emergency phone or your mobile to call for a recovery service that can move you to a safe place before you attempt any sort of work.However, if your cars wheel is fastened on with bolts, the process is even more awkward.BringGo Europe: Incompatible Devices).For all the latest news, advice and reviews from Telegraph Cars, sign up to our weekly newsletter by entering your email here.