hellgate london single player patch 1.2

Focus Items and Boots can now be made by crafters.
The Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys are now re-mappable, and may be set as key-modifiers.
The number of Nanoshards required to upgrade an item increases each time the hack book speed of internet the same item is upgraded.
The range of Brom's Curse has been increased to 20 meters.Individual shard damage has been decreased slightly to take damage stacking into account.Vendor inventories in Nightmare difficulty should now be stocked with Nightmare-level items.The Ember's Health, Damage, Ignite Attack Strength, Critical Chance, Interrupt Strength, Interrupt Defense, and Armor have been increased.Engineer Drones now properly receive Armor bonuses from Armor affixes.Fixed a bug which sometimes caused collection side-quest counters to count down under certain conditions.Arcane Shield The rank progression of this spell has been adjusted, providing slightly less shields at lower ranks.Fixed a bug that prevented the effects of Medpak Retrofit and Shield Generator Retrofit to properly scale up with additional levels.

Cabalist The Summon Ember and Summon Fire Elemental skills no longer conflict when granted through items.
By Kakarott on Monday January 16th 2017, netlinxstudiosetup 4 0 1017 zip 17:30 by Kakarott on Monday January 16th 2017, 17:30.
Fixed a Hellrift portal graphical issue in which the image would slide inappropriately.
Spectral Bolt now provides an additional 25 Phase Attack Strength per rank.
Single Player Patches, patch.2 Single Player Patch for european, german North America release (185MB) Single Player Patch for Asia (179MB) List of changes in this patch Patch.6 Single-Player Patch for european North America release (64MB) This patch is for single-player games only.Patching to single player v-1.2 with workaround (see additional comments).This means that the new item level may not be the same.Revival SP Modification.2.1.By honda 250r shop manual gx390 rank 10, this aura provides significantly more elemental attack defense than it did previously.Once all the mods are removed, insert the item into an Augmentrex 3000.