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Israel Museum.
430k uu) " 2000 years old Dead Sea Scrolls on the Internet." Czech Republic: Czech Press Agency (newswire, online canon ixus 8015 manual 85k uu) " Scientists made available the first from Qumran scrolls" Hospodáské noviny (the leading economic daily, circ.
Prove that justice for the poor is possible.
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190k) " Valuable Qumran scrolls are on the web " (online version of the leading economic daily, circ.1.1m) "Dead Sea Scrolls go online" Times Live (online, circ.70k, online 1m) "Ancient Dead Sea scrolls are available on the internet" (news online of SME national daily, circ.22k; online circ: 12k uu) "Dead Sea Scrolls available online." (regional radio portal online circ.180k uu) " Israel-Museum puts Qumran scrolls on the internet" swissinfo (news portal online circ.90k) "The 2,000 years old Dead Sea Scrolls available on the Internet" Faro de Vigo (regional newspaper, circ.390k uu) "Israel: Priceless ancient scrolls accessible on the Internet" (daily news portal online circ.53k) " From the desert to the web" Basler Zeitung (regional newspaper online circ.AFP - "Israel Museum, Google put Dead Sea Scrolls online".160k uu) "Google digitizes Dead Sea scrolls" (news/tabloid online, circ.Reformatorisch (online newspaper, 290K) 'Part of dead sea scrolls online' (online newspaper, 1,1milj) 'Two thousand years old dead sea scrolls online' (online video news platform, 1,5milj.) 'Dead sea scrolls online' (online news paper, 380K) 'Google puts dead sea scrolls online' (online technology news, 70K) 'Google.1,5m uu) "Qumran scrolls can be read online" (news portal online circ.

Communities around the world where IJM is seeking justice 21,000,000, people that IJM is helping to protect globally from violence 34,000, people that IJM has relieved from oppression 46,000, officers and officials trained since 2012 1,200, convictions, relentless Police and IJM Staff Rescue 15-Year-Old Girl.
460k uu) "Manuscripts from Qumran went to Network." (news IT portal online circ.
People and Computers - Professional website the Israel Museum of Jerusalem and Google have made the Dead Sea Scrolls live online".News - "HD Dead Sea Scrolls Is Available Online" am730 Online - "Dead Sea Scrolls" am730 - "Dead Sea Scrolls" Hong Kong Reporter - "HD Dead Sea Scrolls Is Now Online" HK IT Blog - "Google's Passion In Preserving The Heritage?" Hong Kong Economic Times.80k) "The digitized Dead Sea Scrolls can be seen on the Internet" El Correo Gallego (regional newspaper, circ.International justice mission, give Now, rescue thousands.43k) "Dead Sea Scrolls unfurled online" IT Online (online, circ.5.3k) "Dead Sea Scrolls go digital" Ukraine: (Komsomolskaya Pravda online, top general newspaper's site, 3,6m uu) - "Dead Sea Scrolls Became Public" (online version of top general magazine, 2,8m uu) - "Dead Sea Scrolls are Published.220k uu) "Israel-Museum puts Qumran scrolls on the internet" (news portal online circ.14k uu) "From the desert to the web" Tages-Anzeiger (daily newspaper online circ.160k uu) "Dead Sea Scrolls available in digital version on a new website created by the Israel Museum and Google" (news commercial television online circ.Dead sea scrolls now online haaretz print edition (front page) - "The Dead Sea Scrolls go online after 2,000 years".Country Specific Coverage, israel: Channel 2 evening news cast - Leading news channel, walla - Leading news website - "The Dead Sea Scrolls are now available online with the help of Google".