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The attacker would gain the same privileges as the user.
"If you're running a remote desktop protocol in Windows XP, then Bulletin 2 should be another very important update argued Henry.
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Decembers Patch Tuesday was not as active as some of its predecessors for 2011, but it still addressed three critical bulletins and 10 that were deemed important.This vulnerability can be exploited by an attacker if a user visits a compromised or malicious website with any version of Internet Explorer from a computer that also has Adobe Flash installed.Microsoft said it will patch at least 14 vulnerabilities next week, including four in Internet Explorer (IE making it three months in a row that the company has plugged holes in its browser.Another one of Microsofts traditional Patch Tuesdays is on the way.Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 8:00 am Post subject:": The recently reported VML Internet Explorer "zero-day" exploit now has attack code publicly posted on the web.Other companies rely on redundancy to prevent a company-wide failure of email and databases."It looks like IE will be the story every month now said Storms, who noted there seems to be no shortage of IE vulnerabilities."Many IT organizations struggle to reduce privileges for the user while still allowing them to work effectively but this month's updates show why administrators should lock down privileges where possible, Goettl said.The update set for next week will affect Exchange Server 2007 and the current Exchange Server 2010.Patch Tuesday Fixes, Valentines Scams, posted on, february 12, 2012 by wubayou.Updates singled out by other researchers include those pegged "Bulletin 4" and "Bulletin 2" by Microsoft.The other four will be pegged "important the next-lower threat ranking.

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But Microsoft is hitting two out of three in just one month.".
"This constant slew of critical Internet Explorer vulnerabilities is yet another reminder of the importance of implementing least-privilege to make sure that if a user is exploited with one of these vulnerabilities the attacker will not simply be handed Administrator rights vertrag von lissabon pdf said Marc Maiffret, CTO.
Meanwhile PandaLabs warns of Valentines Day scams.
Last month, Microsoft announced it would ditch the every-other-month schedule for IE for years it updated the browser only on even-numbered months saying that it had "increased our Internet Explorer resources to the point where we will be able to release an update during any.These Best Practices include enabling and using a firewall, applying all software updates, and installing antivirus and antispyware software.Issues in SQL Server, the SQL Server patch fixed an issue which, if exploited, could result in a denial-of-service on all support versions.The problem with patching those systems Exchange and SQL Server is their criticality to business, said Storms.We have some examples of sites that are distributing the code.The second critical update of the month fixed one flaw in Windows Media Center, but affects only the editions for Windows 7 and 8/8.1, and the "Media Center TV Pack" for Windows Vista.