jeep yj gearbox oil manual pdf

The manual will also tell you where the filling cap is located.
The four-pocket, dual-damper spring clutch disc had non-asbestos friction material and was about 11 inches in diameter.
Applications Important: These are believed to be the applications but some of these vehicles may have variants,.g.
Speedmatic, renaultmatic D2, renaultmatic D3 or renaultmatic D3SYN.
Chevrolet and GMC CK with Vortec : Chevrolet Silverado 15LD : GMC Sierra 15LD : GM S-series (S10 etc.) trucks with.3L engine : Dodge Ram : Dodge Ram 2500 Light Duty : Dodge Dakota V : Jeep Cherokee with.0L/AMC 242.A friend gave my son some old Polk Momo 10" DVC ( MM2104DVC ) speakers (manual here ) so we ended up building a sealed box/enclosure for them over the weekend with both speakers firing down.It was evident someone had taken the door panel off, it was missing the clip-nuts for the door handle screws so they had rigged these placing all of the load on the plastic door panel instead of the metal door- this was fixed too.The way to test this sensor is that pins B and C (or 2 and 3) should be infinite resistance, ours tested bad so it may/may not have been a contributing factor as it did not fix the no start issue.Whether this was due to Daimler desires or functional considerations is unknown.Weight: 110 pounds, dry 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th R GM Silverado. GM S/T, Ram 2500*. Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Dakota*. * Source unknown and possibly unreliable.Amplifier installed was an old Blaupunkt PA4100, a 4 channel digital model using Tripath Technology for very low heat and one that could be mounted upside down- an important feature for under-steering-wheel-column mounting.A friend was getting rid of some oil and as it turns out a lot of the.0 guys are using 5w40 instead of the 10w30- free Redline 5w40 synthetic oil will work for.We'll see how it works before I spend 120 on a Kicker 40cwrt672.

Unfortunately, you may not hear any noises or have other clues that your transmission is low on fluid, until it's too late.
The MTX adapter bracket was chosen since it angles the speaker up but that angle and the speakers I was using caused some fit interference with the dash metal brace and speaker grill.
Jeep bolted the bellhousing to the transmission case; Dodge did not.Continues from above- Rather than throwing parts at the problem, I decided to test everything: swapped the known good horn relay with the fuel pump relay, and then with the ASD relay.What does transmission fluid do?It's important to regularly check the transmission fluid level between service intervals.The key function of transmission oil is to lubricate hypoid gears in manual and automatic transmissions for cars and trucks.Quieter operation resulted from a change to finer pitch gears for third and fifth speeds.Bosch (OE Manufacturer) fuel pump (P/N gta v crack vs 2k14 67655) was sourced from Amazon for a good bit cheaper than the offical dealer part.In the 1994 Dodge Ram and Dakota, NV3500 was paired with.9-liter V6 and.2-liter V8 engines and was available in two- and four-wheel-drive versions.A wrecking yard or dealer should have an interchange guide.