madame bovary text book

Reading over your magnificent defence, my work has acquired for myself, as it were, an unexpected authority.
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Madame Bovary took me by surprise!
Madame Bovary, it seems a esis gradebook manual administrator little odd that one of the most influential novels in history is nowhere represented here, or that the posters on this beck mtv makes me wanna smoke crack album forum don't seem to like.Anybody else share my feelings or see it in a different light?To be even more specific I'm trying to fill this blank ".However, I have also been told that it's very significant?

I am doing the IB program, and I'm currently working on my English Extended Essay.
I was thinking about looking at dance in both novels.
"It has been pointed out by some critics that Flaubert's book shows an exaggerated cynicism and an unwarranted degree of hatred for the bourgeoisie."."Should she not have met with at least one or two people who understood her?" Do you agree with this criticism?When her romantic view of the world clashes with her new country life, she seeks excitement outside her marriage, living in the ecstasy of extremes.Pacific : Pacific Internet (Australia this catalog page is provided.Besides, that's some serious competition if everyone is choosing the same book.I'd rather pick something different that will hopefully be a breath of fresh air for my teacher.