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As none of the girls know how to bake well, the Queen introduces Momoko Asuka into their group to aid their quest.
While taking a shortcut through the garden, the girls witness the birth of a baby, whom Doremi later names Hana.
During Doremi and her friends' summer vacation, they visit her grandparents in the fictional mountains of Fukuyama, where they hear of a mysterious legend of Mayuri and Zenjuro, two star-crossed lovers that died in the Edo period.
Ojamajo Doremi: The Secret of the Frog Stone (!:, Mtto!
) and majo" lit.The Golden Digimentals ) for the 2000 Summer Toei Anime Fair.Ojamajo Doremi story arc and was titled eponymously.Here Is an Anime List for You, Including All the Anime in This Page.

Ojamajo Doremi After losing their witch apprenticeship to ensure Hana's growth, 10 Doremi and the girls are given another chance to get their apprenticeship back by appealing to the Witch Senate with sweets.
See also: List of Ojamajo Doremi characters, ojamajo Doremi, eight-year-old Doremi Harukaze aspires to be a user of magic, as she believes it would solve all her problems and help her confess to a boy she liked.
Chiba Chiemi, the voice of Doremi Harukaze, posted via Twitter that she had received a copy and that it focuses on the characters' lives in high school.The game memasak untuk pc offline original series' CDs were released under Bandai Music Entertainment, while music from Ojamajo Doremi # was distributed by King Records.One afternoon, she comes upon a magic shop and correctly suspects that the shop owner is a witch.) 22 was the first theatrical release for the series and was directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi.13 At the same time, Hana, who has become bored of the Witch World, uses magic to age herself into an 11-year-old to be able to attend Doremi's school.During the television series' runtime, two companion films were released in theaters.Because of Doremi's constant mishaps in magic, Majo Rika refers to her as an "ojamajo"?Similar to the first movie, it was again directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi.Now, she must become a witch apprentice herself to return Majorika to her normal self.