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PD2: MarcoAurelio es tu nombre real?
@ Steinsplitter : It looks like your bot is duplicating requests in the archives."The King" and his "favorite" makes intrigue, after us even if be deluge principle." 5, and "This already is end of patience, let deems to violation of Wikietiquette, but I must a say, that it's time to clear off all this and do with serious.Saludos, Marco Aurelio 18:50, (UTC) Por que los retiraste?No digo que sea culpable, pero tengo ciertas sospechas de que un nepalés está queriendo actuar como el vándalo a largo plazo Szm.

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If your intention was to irritate and alienate people with this pseudo-legalese message, than you succeeded.
That user made defamation about me example: "Your not interested on Armenian Wikipedia You with 6AND5 users always want to make chaos on Armenian Wikipedia." 4, it is one of defamation, because if I wanted to make chaos, then I musted be return in Armenian. has always been served by the Multilingual Wikisource, never by Meta.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Marco Aurelio 10:25, (UTC) MarcoAurelio te equivocas no te estoy pidiendo nada.Alternatively, if you tell me what needs to be done, I can submit the request for you.Esa otra cuenta era mi antigua cuenta de usuario antes de que me cambiase el nombre de usuario hará ya unos años.Regards, - MBq ( talk ) 10:50, (UTC) Request for Input - New Central Notice request process edit Hello!Quizá alguien con acceso a logstash pudiese ver qué lo causó.Marco Aurelio 08:15, (UTC) 2 temas Wikimedia.