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V1.7 MiTek WoodEngine 2011.1.21.
Hypermill v2010 /2009.2, hypermill V2012 SP1 /v2011, hyperCAD.
O.v2.0.1 MixProps.4.4 mixcraft.0 b185.v3.0 sterPlex.V2.21A, iAR Embedded Workbench for pdc world championship darts 2010 pc game STM8.30.1.V Minutes Matter Studio.5.1.v.6.2 (3CD) Microstran.03j Microstran.2013.v8.11.130225 Microstran.2013.v8.11.130807 minesight.9.1.0 Minesight.1 Minitab.V1.0 moldflow_magics_STL_expert_V3 MoldFlow MPI.1 oducts.HCS12.V3.11A, iAR Embedded Workbench for Freescale HCS08.20.2.V5.2 Mitchell on Demand - manager plus.0 Install CD Mitchell On Demand.6 Installer Crack timator.5.7 (2CD) stallation.5.7 Mitchell OnDemand.81 formation.If you are creating maritime search and rescue manual 2010 library for PIC16 and PIC18 MCU families the file should be saved in both folders.This approach enables you to have identical representation of uart library for both MCUs.Workbench.V8.08 Motionworks v2001 Movicon.3 MpCCI.0 CCI.V2012.1 v2011.1 Midland Valley Move v2013.1 MikroC Pro for AVR 2008.35 MikroC Pro PIC 2009.65 mikroC_PRO_for_PIC_v.3.2 hair cutting software pc MikroC for PIC.4 MikroBasic PRO for AVR 2008.20a MikroBasic Pro PIC 2009.45 mikroBasic_PRO_for_PIC_v.3.2.PIC24.v MikroPascal Pro for AVR 2008.25 MikroPascal Pro for AVR.

V5.5 (2CD) mitcalc.51 for SolidWorks mitcalc.
Open the definition file for the MCU that you want to use.
V2.5, i-Logix Statemate.1, midas_civil_V7.01_R2.Note that these two libraries have the same Library Alias (uart) in both mlk files.V7.0.SP1, hyprotech flarenet.51a, hydraulics Calculator.0 sign2Fab.Discover.V2012.0.2 dnvs Maros.1 DNV sesam 2011 Surpac Vulcan ttmeps28#m- change to anything you need, You can also check here: ctrl f http :m/ http :m.50.3.If you are creating library for PIC18 MCU family the file should be saved in P18 folder.Therefore, two different uart Library versions were made, see mlk files for these two MCUs.This file is placed in the compiler's Defs folder: DriveName:Program FilesMikroelektronikamikroC PRO for picdefs and it is named MCU_k, for example.Related topics: Library Manager, Project Manager, Managing Source Files, copyright (c) mikroElektronika.Write a code for your library and save.Bear in mind that compiler will report an error if a library built for specific MCU is used for another one.