modern contact list plugin

This time period is configurable in the ml tt indulekha font options.
Spam Filter * windows xp pt-pt iso Screenshot Forum This Plugin filters out spam messages from contacts that are not on your contact list.
String-Templates for the mTooltip Plugin and the BriefInfo Window are included.
2 double different sets - for bright and dark backgrounds (see screenshots) TopToolBar Documentation Tip : To bring the profile manager up, hold the ctrl key while starting Miranda IM, and the profile manager will popup.
Dll Change Keyboard Layout (unicode).The statistics are output as html and are highly customizable.This plugin replaces default online notification module and disable online icon blinking in tray and contact list.Thanks to tweety, you can find a page of skins and previews here.These are white and delicate will go well with colorful background.Dll IcqOscarJ Plus Mod Protocol Unicode aware.Smart Auto Away * Screenshot Old version SAA is a combination of Auto-Away, Idle and Reconnect-on-connection-lost.

Last seen Plugin * Screenshot Old version Forum This plugin logs when a contact was last seen online.
many options on a "per container" basis.
Also Puyo * Screenshot After downloading the puyo puyo icon set by Dest-X, I decided I liked the idea.The only down side is you must be able to send the message (i.e not offline).full support for status icons on the tabs.And you can encrypt/decrypt them using menu commands.MetaContacts * Joins multiple contacts into one.Drag drop files text and docking supported.World Time Protocol * Screenshot Adds times from different timezones around the world to the contact list.Weather Protocol * Screenshot Retrieve weather information and display them on your contact list.My configuration strings Strings to display all useful weather information in a well readable way WinPopup Protocol * Screenshot Communicate with users over LAN, compatible with "net send WinPopup, VikPoup, RealPopup and Mirandas net_send_protocol plugin.Zip file from the file listing) Status and Events Alarms * Screenshot Forum Set one-off, daily, weekly, weekday, monthly and yearly alarms.