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Updates for Japanese and German (Partial).0.7 Fix for WMF meta data fields.
4.0.3 Fix product version for purchase and update checks.
Support for new plug-ins.
4.3.19 Ability to turn off announce/preview for FX and alias changes in General Preferences.
Fix for long custom backgrounds not playing white nights dostoevsky pdf fully.4.0.9 Allow adding multiple sound FX files at once.4.3.2 Added more Wave file format support, Fixed skin display bugs.3.1 Windows 7 Logo Certified, Topmost window fixes.4.2.7 Fix truncation at beggining and end for Morph To File.4.1.0 Pause added to record dialog.4.3.18 Fix crash on file convert dialog.4.0.12 Updated localizations for Japanese, Spanish, German.4.0.14 Fix for crashing bug involving custom sound effects.

4.3.13 Fix crash when quickly sound effect switching with key mapping.3.11 Work around for activation problems on W7 x64.3.9 Added Quick key support for F13-F20 and numpad keys.
4.2.5 Voice Splicer Plug-In support.
Fix UI when going from.0.0.More logging on activation failure.Fixes VST Effects Rack.4.2.9 New Screaming Bee Audio Driver, fix papercut ng 13.3 crack for Skype.0 stuttering.Category, category, language: Choose a subtitles: Choose.4.0.4 Fix crash with splitter when switching to new skin from upgrade of old version.4.0.2 Localized for German and Japanese.0.1 Misc.4.0.6 Fix for error restoring settings that have no custom voice changes.4.3.21 Windows 8 Installation/Certification tweaks.