multimedia keyboard driver for xp

Many have complaint their Dell TH836 is not working properly in Windows Vista because of driver issues.
You should try to use this version.20.64 as it is said to be working.
However, with a USB keyboard, you can plug in other USB devices such as a USB mouse, joystick, or camera to the keyboards extra USB ports.
I downloaded it and found that it worked with my Dell Multimedia Keyboard (Y-UK-DEL1).
One-Touch Multimedia and Internet keyboards have one of two types of connections: PS/2 or Universal Serial Bus (USB).Note: if you have a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, you will need to have Windows Vista or Windows XP with at least Service Pack 2 installed.Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.This current SetPoint driver software includes the control panels for standard mice and keyboards (previously supported in SetPoint.x) and gaming mice (previously supported in SetPoint.x).Printers and Other Hardware, and then click, keyboard.The One-Touch Multimedia and Internet keyboards function the same as normal keyboards, but they have more capabilities.Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows.

Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition.
On the 2nd link I found the driver they talked about. .
The update adds support for Windows Vista, lets you re-assign many of the keys to open a program, file or Web page-or to perform a command (such as Find or Show sweet charity script pdf Desktop plus you can disable keys you sometimes accidentally press (such as the old.The driver package can be used on the following keyboards, but note that support for models newer models may be added at any time: Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000, comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 Black, digital Media Keyboard.Many tried to look for TH836 keyboard driver from Dell website but could not find.Wired Keyboard 500, wireless Natural MultiMedia windows 7 web publishing wizard Keyboard, wireless Photo Keyboard.Start and stop playing a CD or DVD, skip to different tracks, and eject the disc tray.Get support information, print.You can have Windows search for the driver, or point to the driver's location yourself.Place the computer on standby to save power.