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Trade logic is horribe in Association mode and My player e CPU teams make the most horrendous trades.
PS: the online feature is garbage and does not work.
Even keygen touchcopy v9 97 big men will run faster than guards latest indian general knowledge book and leave you feeling unsatisfied on the fastbreak so many times because the defense unrealistically tightened up on you when you had a head of steam on is really adds.It takes just one defender standing in the middle of the paint, sticks his arm out and the ball is his almost all of the time unless you pass the ball to a cutting teammate when you are right within layup range yourself.There are many tiny things like this that will turn you off from this game.Completely unbalanced, unnecessary, trading for a player when they dont even need someone who plays his position.

Even the big is so bad that you will end up playing a jumpshot oriented game eventually because of how unfruitful trying to slash to the basket can be majority of the times.
The game will feel rigged at times.
Your wideopen shots will fail but they can hit contested fadeaway.Especially when the CPU is trying to make a comeback.It is too hard to make a driving layup or slash to the bucket in this game on half court.Game is fun but so many many technical flaws make this frustrating pretty soon and you will put this game down after the initial kings bounty user manual experienceGame is fun but so many many technical flaws make this frustrating pretty soon and you will put this game down.A few examples of which I will share.It is so hard to break someone off the dribble.The gameplay is very smooth and has the most realistic feel than any other basketball game you have played out t it is the tiny little things that add up to make you want to put this game away for good.The NBA teams look like a joke the deeper you.First of all I play with the 360 controller which I highly recommend.CPU teams may end up having a logjam at guard just kills the feel of advancing through the game.