otari mx5050bii and manual

Front picture Image, Back picture Image, fiber board layout.
PDF - (moved to m) - CRL Dynaflex DX-2 PDF.
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PDF - LPB Model 20 Solid State AM Transmitter.
Help and Do It Yourself packing - How to do it! .
PDF of manual for analog video router with audio follow.
Manual PFD Misc Stuff - Singe Side Power Supply, by Fred Vobbe, W8HDU.While researching which tube preamp I wanted, these were some of the links I viewed.Sinclair Hybrid Ring Design Tuning files.PDF - Cunningham AM Transmitter.Industries Golden Navitar 6" - 9" zoom lens for Kodak slide projector (pair) 50 Kodak AF-2 35mm carousel slide projector with Buhl short throw lens 75 Kodak AF-2 35mm carousel slide projector with Buhl short throw lens 75 Kodak model 2 2 universal carousel slide.PDF - Isotronics 160C, 160 mtr vertical, installation PDF - Isotronics 225, AM Broadcast, 1350 to 1590 KHz, vertical, installation PDF (Download 160C Manual, too) - Cushcraft A3S/A4S/A3WS, Sales specification sheet PDF - Cushcraft A3S, 10/15/20 mtr, 3-element beam, installation manual PDF - Cushcraft A50-5S.