pasky's cwcheat database editor

This release brings the XML cheat collection up-to-date with the various name changes and new clones added since.126.
XML Cheat Collection for mame.145 7z format - 843K.
Thank you for listening.Note, with this release the mame cheat file no longer just contains cheats for arcade games it also contains cheats for the softwarelist based home computer/console systems formerly solely part of mess.A milestone release for mame today, and to celebrate here's the new cheat collection for mame.172.This cheat collection is for use mesa boogie single rectifier manual deutsch with.131 or later.

I've included a link to the last known good cheat.
I've just released some cant player linux 64-bit mess.134 early-beta XML Cheat Collections for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, Coleco Nintendo GameBoy Advance.
Zip in the same directory as the execute-able (see above pics) then click here for some pictorial assistance.
Right there are two releases today.Dat file into the 7000 xml files of the new format.Christmas is almost upon us, so I guess it's time for an updated cheat collection.Note: The XML/json Cheat Collection archives are double packed.This cheat collection is for use with.130u2 or later.Inside the downloaded zip archive you will find a large cheat.7z.This release brings the cheat file back inline with the latest version of mame.