peavey delta stomp manual

Reply With", 09:59 PM #2, pop it open and see if anything is fried.
Common parameters are input level, output level dry/wet mix.
Effects include: volume swell, octaver, 3 reverbs, wah-wah, auto wah, delay reverb, 3 delays, tremolo, chorus, phaser, flanger, and rotary speaker.
Choose from 16 effects, each with two tweakable parameters.
The Delta Stomp sputted and buzzed for a few moments after I found another PS for it, but now it's silent.Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.Reply With", 12:43 AM #4, dC is only half AC, so all that would happen is that some voltages inside would be missing.Looking to buy the Peavey Delta Stomp?

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Also plugged the 16vPS into another pedal.
I wonder why 9 volts would harm a pedal that runs at 16?
It uses a 16v PS, and I accidentally plugged it to a onespot.Reply With", 11:51 PM #3, i wonder why 9 volts would harm a pedal that runs at 16? 09:41 PM #1, any ideas where to look?My guess would be that the Delta Stomp wanted AC and the OneSpot is DC, so even though it was only 9 volts that was enough to fry something.Also has stereo outputs.The first parameter of each can be controlled by CV/expression pedal.Auto Wah, delay Reverb, flanger, chorus, tremolo.Powered by a 16v AC wall wart only.That pedal survived but the 16v charger almost caught on fire, it began to melt.Gibson Flying V 87 BC Rich Assassin Custom, ST-3 Bich USA,etc.