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Published in: PHP remove ubuntu 10.04 server .iso all nulls values in an array.
Be careful with the above function "array_delete s use of the stristr function, it could wm capture and crack be slightly misleading.Gettype ( array ).Expand, embed, plain Text, copy this code and paste it in your html * remove null value from array * @param: array array the array you will be remove the null value * @param: boolean lessKeys less the keys of array * @return: array the.To remove null values, to remove all false values, thats it and it works like a charm.

You can use the PHP array_filter function to remove or filter empty or false values from an array.
The above will output: Array ( 0 apples 1 oranges 2 bananas note that array_filter will remove all values that evaluate to false (see converting to boolean ).
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NewArraykey value; elseif(value newArray value; return NewArray; else throw new Exception array_remove_null expects parameter 2 to be boolean, '.How to remove empty element or null values from PHP array?Topic: PHP / MySQL « Prev, next answer: Use the PHP array_filter function.After searching and digging on the net I found 4 to 10 lines of code but I believed that there should be a simple possible solution for this, then I tried searching over t site and I found this very useful php array function array_filter.Select a PageServicesPortfolioContact MeShop, you Are Here: Home, pHP, how to remove empty element or null values from PHP array?To specify your own filter, you can pass a callback function to array_filter.' given E_user_warning else throw new Exception array_remove_null expects parameter 1 to be array, '.Ads help us continue our work and provide free services to our users.Okay let say that we have the following array.