pirate eye patch myth

He went on to decisively win the Battle of Copenhagen.
In Brave10, Rokurou hides his right eye behind bandages to conceal the power of the Water Crest eye, which lets him suck out people's memories and store limitless amounts of knowledge.
However, the biggest badass, protagonist Sam Fisher, wears his goggles covering both eyes.As a girl, all her eyepatches are also very stylish.Tom from Ruby Quest has his right eye ripped out early on; he's left with an empty socket until he and Ruby find some gauze and bandages to make an eyepatch.Ana from Overwatch was a crack sniper who had her right eye a cybernetic one which gave her six times normal vision shot out by a rival sniper via Scope Snipe.Both Edmund Holt and Des of Revival wear one over the left eye to remind readers they're serving the same role in the story.Later a family friend told the world that William Chandler was actually a woman, and she was allowed to continue working, though she eventually abandoned the seafaring life because of its physical demands.Barasuishou of Rozen Maiden Träumend wears a flowery employee manual policy sample eyepatch over her left eye, acting as a seal over her emotions.The antagonist of the same series had a horrible facial scar over one eye, two of the supporting cast were born with only one eye apiece and a minor villain who had two myopic eyes was called Odin, after the one-eyed god (no, not the.

Saint Seiya : Somewhat subverted by Dragon Shiryu.
It's usually worn either in place of or to conceal his distinctive false eye, which is entirely silver.
As with any jobs, recruitment meant showing potential members the glamor of the job.
Pariah Dark in Danny Phantom.
Not long after this he launches a massive ambush on Roman forces in the Battle of Lake Trasimene.In Kamen Rider Decade, the alternate Kamen Rider TheBee has one.One Piece, a manga about pirates, has to date averted this trope, with not a single eyepatch to be seen despite a length of over 720 chapters.Also, she's a lesbian.At the same time, pirates did not live in an individualized society, so codependency was a part of life.Expand for References Talk Like a Pirate chilton diesel truck manual ford mondeo Day Busted: Not Even Pirates Spoke Pirate National Geographic Did pirates really say Arrr?It should also be noted that this magical eye seems to be always on, meaning the eye patch may also maintain her sanity, if you saw things in magic-o-vision 24/7 you would probably Go Mad From The Revelations.