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Barrels of unknown chemicals are stored in the body of a chemtrails plane.
Why do we have war?
Some believe they spread barium as a highly-sensitive electromagnetic missile defense system.Bush famously fought against the scientists entrenched in his administration.The long line of anti-theists ruling the inner halls of power since Lyndon Johnson remained in control.Millions of images of these sky dispersals can be found on the internet.And while President Bush fought the good fight, he ultimately did not win the battle.At many points they promoted evolution theory and global warming over good old-fashioned common sense.

I just want to walk right out of this world, 'Cause everybody has gta 4 save game editor pc a poison heart.
The chief reason was the widespread use.
Yet another theory that has been gaining traction and deserves serious consideration is that Americas massive science-industrial complex is attempting a most dangerous experiment.They accomplish innumerable feats, from minor pangs of guilt to the throbbing passions of love.Its an essential way to spread seed and pesticide.They tried to uproot Christianity in our schools through activist judges.So much damn confusion before my eyes, But nothing seems to phase me and this one still survives.From the National Science Board to the Department of Education, from nasa to the National Institute of Standards, a powerful cadre of elite intellectuals is seizing control.They are gentle and ever willing.The angels are there to guide us, to inspire us and, ultimately, to remind us of our obligation to Jesus.