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Ok, that's pretty much everything I can tell you about the game itself.
Now, this is just my own theory, but I did some research, I messed a lot in that area, and I believe the theory is true.
Remember the kudos to the *epic* object detection (or whatever) I mentioned earlier?Out of Time - 3:23 Segment 12 yaaaaaaay!The games are filled with scenes set in countries such as Peru, Egypt, England and Tibet and being such an immersive game, I almost feel like I've been there.00:05:10 - In order for the granade to kill both of the spiders, you can't sprint all the way otherwise the second spider takes different path to come after you.He's almighty, he owns my soul, and he knows that :D.00:14:37 - This is something I really loved about this game - once you sticky a granade on an enemy, you can yet shoot at him and make the explosion come sooner.Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Crystal Dynamics, the Crystal Dynamics logo, Eidos and the Eidos logo are trademarks of Square Enix Limited.In order to swandive from mid-air like this, you (your fingers) must be rapidshare hacking software for extremely quick, as you must let go of all the keys, and instantly press forwardjumpcrouch (in that order) before Lara starts her falling animation.Now that it's done, it's time to share some general notes: Sprinting is the fastest motion in the game (who would've thought, huh?).The Midgard Serpent - 8:38 Segment 05 Not too much to screw up (except for the bike ride, because riding the bike is quite a pain in the ass, but you definitely can get hang.Good thing I got making her do it reliable.

Here they are: Slope bug - In Thailand, you can sprint up one slope and with precisely timed ricoh aficio 2045e user manual kick get higer on the slope and with another precisely timed jump get on top.
and I'm pretty sure that swandiving into the trigger is a little bit faster after all.
It sure would be faster, but I dare to say it would be one success in a million of unsuccessful attempts).When I start swandiving again, notice the hill big fish games full version torrent ain't by far as oblique as the one on which I didn't swandive was.I repeated this segment over and over and *over* again, but it was hell of a pleasure to go through that pain so many times (besides, it's very short).I admit I could've triggered the cutscene a little faster though.The goal of it is to land IN front of the slope, not directly on it, thus allowing me to jump down that slope and to the room immediately.