range rover repair manual p38

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I got an e-mail from a Norwegian guy named Alfred Lervåg that reports that he recently replaced his blend motors with brand new units that only lasted for 2 month until they started to misbehave!
Steering, suspension, transmission Drivetrain, wipe Wash, more Information.
The other two are for the DC motor (brown and black).The pages on, common Classic Range Rover Problems and Fixes, Common Range Rover P38 Problems and Fixes and, common Mark III Range Rover Problems and Fixes cover symptoms and quick the boleyn inheritance pdf fixes for many of the things that frequently go wrong.These tips can save you valuable time and money.Free In-Store PickUp, show only.

Connect and remove the power several times to make sure all windings in the motor anchor is OK also change polarity to reverse direction a few times "just in case".
To diagnose and examine the blend motor assy it is easiest to remove it from the car and take it apart, when this is done just remove the two white gears and lift out the circuit board that holds the motor and potentiometer.
During further investigation and trouble shooting he found a bad solder joint at the position feedback potentiometers.
This potentiometer comes in two different versions, one that are rated for 500 cycles and one that is suppose to be good for 10000 cycles.
Since my FaultMate diagnostic unit told me that the right hand blend motor was faulty I just removed that one, I decided that it was easier to just cut the wires to remove it and splice it back in when overhauled.Wiper position preferably like in the G version but not critical.Defender, Range Rover, Discovery, Freelander and, land Rover Series vehicles.Classic (1970-1995) Detailed Repair Descriptions (Listed below are the detailed illustrated pages on the various vehicle suystems and repair operations.Classic, p38, mark III/L322.