rubik cube solution step by step pdf

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There are 7 possible cases of last layer orientations (not including the already oriented case (The gray color means the sticker is not the upper face color.
If you already know how to solve the 3x3 Rubik's cube.
Flip the cube upside down (the solved layer should be on the bottom now).If you want, you can also download the.You can see it is the same 7 possible cases when all the edges of the 3x3 are oriented: OLL algorithms page.Here is a nice perspective of the puzzle: the 2x2 cube is actually a regular 3x3 cube, without mdac version 2.8 sp2 the edges and the center pieces.Look for the same color in 2 adjacent corners).Note that unlike the first step, here the permutation of the corners does not matter, meaning that they don't have to be correctly solved in relation to each other (side stickers don't have to fit).They rotate around themselves and they dont change their position, so they are always in the correct position.This is how the Rubik's Cube should look when you finish this step).In this step the goal is to orient the last layer pieces.

Choose a corner that has this color (yellow in our case and bring the other 3 corner pieces.
What I mean to say is that each piece is of one type and that type cant change (an edge will always be an edge).
To know the pieces position and orientation we focus our attention in the centers, which as weve said are fixed.
You must do this on four sides in order to make a cross like the after picture below. .Rotate the cube so that this solved color will be on the right face- see image above.Rubik's cube move notations.Make sure that you solve the corner pieces correctly in relation to each other (also the side colors of the corner pieces should fit each other, not only the yellow.Below are the most common moves for this step. .before, this is how the Rubik's Cube should look when you start this step.Case #3, r2 U2 R U2 R2, case #4.Rubiks Cube solutions in PDF.In total there are 20 pieces moveable (12 edges and 8 corners) in the Rubiks Cube, being all of them different from each other.For 2x2, the notations are exactly the same (same faces, same letters, same cube rotations, just without the "middle layer moves" as there aren't such in the 2x2 cube).