shortcut keys of excel

Ctrl In a selected row, select the cells that dont match the formula or static value in the active cell.
Sert datacontent:tePad/notes creates a new, empty note in the notes list at "content:tePad/notes" and allows the user to edit.
Byte getByteArrayExtra ( String name) Retrieve extended the medical detectives berton roueche pdf data from the intent.Ctrl page UP Moves to the previous sheet in workbook.This is intended for monitoring the current physical dock state.Constant Value: "sert_OR_edit" action_install_package added in API level 14 Activity Action: Launch application installer.Constant Value: "CK_event" action_dreaming_started added in API level 17 Broadcast Action: Sent after the system starts dreaming.

GetFlags added in API level 1 Retrieve any special flags associated with this intent.
An activity that supports this category must be prepared to run with no UI shown at all (though in some case it may have a UI shown and rely on VoiceInteractor to interact with the user.
All other fields (action, data, type, class) are null, though they can be modified later with explicit calls.
Resolution follows the same rules as described for, but you get back the completely information about the resolved activity instead of just its class name.Boolean hasFileDescriptors Returns true if the Intent's extras contain a parcelled file descriptor.Shift spacebar Selects an entire row in a worksheet.Constant Value: (0x10000000) flag_receiver_NO_abort added in API level 19 If this is an ordered broadcast, don't allow receivers to abort the broadcast.String action_call_button Activity Action: The user pressed the "call" button to go to the dialer or other appropriate UI for placing a call.Constant Value: 4194304 (0x00400000) flag_activity_clear_task added in API level 11 If set in an Intent passed to artActivity, this flag will cause any existing task that would be associated with the activity to be cleared before the activity is started.