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Elen 4810, digital Signal Processing, fall 2016, mondays and the hack book speed of internet Wednesdays 10:10-11:25 AM 1127 Mudd Hall.
The problem.65 in the textbook with several modifications to the problem as it is posted in the textbook: Problem.65 Statement, Modifications, Prob2_62.txt.
November 9, 2016 More Z Transform, Poles and Zeros Sections.3-3.6 Lecture 12 notes (pdf) HW5 (pdf) Due Mon Nov.
Only look at 1st problem; second problem relevant to Final Exam #2 from Fall 2002: pdf, Soln: pdf.M-file for efficient Computation of DFT netlinxstudiosetup 4 0 1017 zip of two real-valued sequences plus efficient computation of 2N-pt DFT of real-valued sequence.Zoltowski's On-Campus Walk-In Office Hours: MWF 1:30-2:30 pm in msee 318 (right after class.) Prof.December 7, 2016 Finishing FIR Design; IIR Design Sections.2-7.3 Mon.M Matlab Hmwk #3: P M Prob.Module Notes and Demos getspeech.Fall 2007 Exams plus Solutions Final Exam from Fall 2007: pdf.3, Part 2 Scan (pdf) Module 4: Module 4, Graphical Frequency Response Example ; Chap.Course Syllabus for Fall 2016: pdf.F_1 1/128 NOT 1/18 - typo!(e) Use the time-domain aliasing formula in (7.1.4) on page 450.December 12, 2016 IIR Filter Design Sections.2-7.4 Lecture 16 notes (pdf).

DUE date: Friday, Dec.
Some history and miscellaneous course information: This course emphasizes applications of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in compact disc (CD) players, wireless communictions including ofdm and cdma, radar, and speech processing.
Histogram of Scores for Exam 1: E1Hist_Off.QMF (M2 subbands) using srrc Halfband Filter prrc2chan.Thanks for your time, like Show 0 Likes (0).Ovsf Fall 2005, Prob.6 ; Scan of Undergrad 301 Text Chap.Weeks 1 and.October 26, 2016 Midterm Exam Solution (pdf) Mon.